Why Youth Tech Entrepreneurs?

The vision of the Youth Tech Entrepreneurs Program is to stimulate more young Black males in Tech/STEM. Black men make up less than 5% of the high-tech and STEM workforce. In order to increase opportunities for this demographic, there must be programs specifically designed to meet the needs of Black boys. The partnership with Mission Fulfilled 2030 and The Tech School for Black boys is the answer. Every young man who starts this program will leave with their own Tech Startup Company.

  • This 6-week self-paced program will provide students a culturally relevant STEM experience
  • Develop basic technical knowledge in a variety of software and applications
  • Basic coding, web, mobile app concepts
  • Explore different opportunities in tech
  • Learn Entrepreneurship in technology
  • Character development
  • Much, much more

Mission Fulfilled 2030

The Vision

Our vision to Inspire, Educate & Activate 100,000 at-risk youth of the BIPOC community in tech/STEM bridging the digital divide, making a dent in the income to wealth gap, and creating young men who will be community builders while developing diverse talent to fill the predicted digital/high-tech workforce shortage of 2030.
Invest In The Future of Black Boys
Mission Fulfilled 2030

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Black Men Teaching Tech/STEM to Black Boys. Changing the narrative from consumers of technology to producers of digital technology.

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Motivate Black Boys

How to Prepare for Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Author and Cybersecurity engineer, Gerald A. Moore Sr. shares his story of going from juvenile delinquent to receiving a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology after graduating high school with a 1.69 GPA. All proceeds from this book are donated to Mission Fulfilled 2030 nonprofit.
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Motivate Black Boys